S K is blessed with rich and valuable resources as well.

We consider potential human resources as the back-bone of our company ,as their skills, energies, talents, abilities and knowledge that are used for rendering of services. Our human resources constitutes qualified and well experienced architects, engineers , supervisors, accountants, purchasing officers, safety-officers, public-relations etc. They all work together as a family for the smooth functioning and flow-less construction process under the ideal over-view of the efficient management.

Our other resources comprising of machineries, tools and equipments for construction as well as for safety measures, backed up with latest technology. These all are managed with utmost care and efficiency.

S.K endeavored residential projects include premium apartments, villas & row houses with most modern amenities. As a value addition to the S.K lifestyle that the company brings home to all its clients. The company has gone from strength to strength completing major as well as minor projects